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Tony Horton’s "Bring It!" Day 28


I didn’t work out at all today. I considered an afternoon treadmill session, like I did last Sunday, but it didn’t happen. As I have mentioned before, Tony and I agree that it’s OK to take a break now and then. I am planning ahead for a good workout tomorrow. Nutrition

Today I attended […]

Tony Horton’s "Bring It!" Day 27


It’s the end of my first week with the Striver’s Resistance Workout, Level 2. It took just over an hour, maybe a few minutes more than the last time. There were some distractions (on a Saturday), but I did all the sets. Nutrition

I ate very well for a Saturday, if that’s any indication […]

Tony Horton’s "Bring It!" Day 26


Big news, folks: Today was yoga day, and I did P90X Yoga! It has been a while. I really prefer an instructor-led yoga session, if I do it at all, and even though this one has its flaws, I am familiar with it. Some people, like personal trainer Ben Greenfield, have suggested that a […]

Tony Horton’s "Bring It!" Day 25


I took another shot at the level 2 resistance workout. It was really tough! It took me 60 minutes again, but I finished it this time. This really feels like the intensity of a P90X workout, at least to me. The difference is that it is a hybrid, with the combination of back, leg, […]

Tony Horton’s "Bring It!" Day 24


This time, the level 2 Aerobic workout took 40 minutes instead of an hour. No distractions from my family or the new routine! I had a moderate calorie burn, similar to comments I have read about Kenpo and Cardio X, and comparable to the level 1 workout. I want to add a short treadmill […]