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P90X2 Day 6: Total Body and X2 Ab Ripper

First, a reminder: This is the DVD I postponed from Day 4 until now, because I wanted to allow myself enough time to do both the main workout and the new Ab Ripper. I might speed up as I improve, but today the whole thing took me 1 hour and 45 minutes. The total of […]

P90X2 Day 5: Yoga

During my first round of P90X, a couple of years ago, I skipped Yoga X for the first several weeks. At first, I wasn’t sure I wanted to try it, then the lengthy workout (90 minutes!) seemed to be too much for me to learn it, then I finally decided to give it a try. […]

P90X2 Day 4: Balance and Power

If you are reading other P90X2 blogs (It’s OK, I won’t be upset), you may have noticed that I am doing the Balance and Power workout on day 4, rather than the recommended day 6. That’s because I want to allow extra time for the Total Body workout, followed by the new and, um, different […]

P90X2 Day 3: X2 Recovery and Mobility a.k.a. Foam Roller Infomercial

I have mentioned that I regret skipping or avoiding certain aspects of P90X, because they have returned to haunt me in P90X2. Here is another example: I was not very consistent about X Stretch. I was always careful to do the stretches before and after each workout, and it was nice to see “the kids” […]

P90X2 Day 2: Plyocide = Plyo + Homicide?

As P90X fans may have guessed, this workout is the next generation of the Plyometrics workout, combining the signature jumping and hopping exercises with the use of only one leg, or a medicine ball, to add the new emphasis on “functional fitness.” I already like this approach better than the original, because the P90X version […]