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P90X2 Cast Profile: Jeremy X2 Total Body

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Switch Lunge Press

Full Name: Jeremy Yost

P90X2 Introduction: Tony Horton says, “If you don’t know this guy, you live under a rock!” Jeremy has a fused ankle due to a previous injury. He’s a Beachbody coach who joined Tony on a QVC (at-home shopping network) […]

Body Revolution Cast Profile: David Shipp

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Can David see Jillian from up there?

Full Name: David Shipp

Video Introduction: We don’t learn too much about David from the Body Revolution workouts. Jillian brings him up front to demonstrate some of the strength-based exercises, such as Burpees, Cannonball jumps, and (in the […]

Lose Weight with Fat2Fit Radio

Today’s post is a shameless plug for a podcast, and a book written by the podcast hosts. They don’t know me, but I have listened to quite a few podcast episodes. I enjoy every one. The podcast is called Fat2Fit Radio, and they have a website and online support group as well.

I found […]

P90X2 Cast Profile: Collette, X2 Ab Ripper and P.A.P. Lower

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Side Bridge Leg Lift (advanced version)

Full Name: Collette DeBenedetto Stohler

P90X2 Introduction: In X2 Ab Ripper, Tony Horton concludes with a shout out to Collette, “The French-Italian!” In P.A.P. Lower, we learn that she’s a former bodybuilder… No, Tony, an Olympic-style weightlifter, to be precise. […]

Body Revolution Cast Profile: Lana Titus

Don’t forget to check out all my CAST PROFILES! Lana’s so fast, she’s a blur!

Full Name: Lana Titus Video Introduction: Jillian mentions on several occasions that Lana has three kids. Jillian has also told us that her video athletes are chosen to inspire us. Lana is inspiring and motivating moms to get in shape […]