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P90X2 Cast Profile: Robert P.A.P. Upper

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Robert in a Step Up Hammer Press

Full Name: Robert Hudgens

P90X2 Introduction: Don’t Mess with Texas! That’s what Robert says, and I don’t want to “mess” with Robert, either. He accompanied Tony on a Beachbody military tour in Japan.

Background/Current: Robert was a Team Beachbody […]

Three Years of Weight Maintenance photo by puuikibeach

I’m not blogging as regularly as I would like these days, but I didn’t want to let today slip by. According to my records on the Calorie Count website, I achieved my goal weight of 155 lbs on October 19, 2009. That was about 40 lbs lost from my heaviest […]

Soreness vs Pain photo by Ha-Wee

As much as I love to work out with Jillian Michaels (using her DVDs, that is), Jillian often says “I know it hurts” or makes references to “pain” being a good thing, when in fact she means “discomfort” or “soreness.” For example, she often quotes the saying “Pain is fear […]