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Ranking The P90X2 Supporting Cast

P90X2 Moms board (Pinterest)

Kelly (Chest+Back+Balance) was my first cast profile!

As I was searching for information about cast members of P90X and P90X2 for the Cast Profile series, I came across a blog post from 2012 titled Ranking the P90X Supporting Cast From Worst to Best. There are 23 cast members listed, which I guess covers everyone. […]

FWF: Why should I pay, when I can get it for free? (Free Workout Fridays)

Just one of many free workouts!

Just one of many free workouts! (

I really enjoy researching the relatively new series on the blog called Free Workout Fridays. There are so many free workouts available! It seems that as the popularity of infographics and Pinterest has grown, exercise lists have become an art form. Some workouts require no additional equipment. […]

Beachbody Insanity Cast Profile: Rachel

Insanity Workout Rachel Max Interval Plyo

Insanity Max Interval Plyo

Don’t forget to check out all my CAST PROFILES!

Full Name: Rachel Buschert Vaziralli

Video Introduction: Shaun T stops by to check on Rachel during several Insanity workouts. He mentions that she’s a spin instructor (an understatement, as I have learned). Rachel was also featured in the infomercial and […]

FWF: Scientifically-proven and under 10 minutes (Free Workout Fridays)

7-minute abs

The Scientific 7-Minute Workout (NY Times blog)


I’m finding a lot of free workouts out there. How many of them can claim to be “scientifically proven” and take less than 10 minutes? Well, recently I found 2 of them, from different sources, making very similar claims.

First there’s The Scientific 7-Minute Workout, presented […]

Beachbody Insanity Cast Profile: Adriana

Adriana, how do you feel?

Don’t forget to check out all my CAST PROFILES!

Adriana, how do you feel?

Full Name: Adriana Falcon

Video Introduction: Shaun T worked with Adriana in the Hip Hop Abs workout program, and then Insanity. Shaun T checks on Adriana from time to time during the Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit. She’s doing great, […]