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P90X2 Cast Profile: Alfonso

Alfonso demonstrates Phelon Twist (X2 Ab Ripper)

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Full Name: Alfonso Arevalo

Video Introduction: Alfonso is featured in the Meet the Cast series, as well as X2 Ab Ripper, and the bonus workout Chest+Shoulders+Tris.

Background/Current: Alfonso is a railroad conductor and Team Beachbody coach. His coach […]

FWF: Marianne Kane, Get Glutes, and more (Free Workout Fridays)

Marianne Kane (

I first heard about Marianne Kane when she was interviewed on The Fitcast podcast, episode 272. She was a registered nurse who became interested in fitness, as she began to improve her own health, then decided to change careers and become a personal trainer. Her About page provides details about her […]

FWF: Hot Body Method (Free Workout Fridays)

Melissa Ioja ( and

I was first introduced to Melissa Ioja as the newest cast member at, which I previously reviewed here. The DailyHIIT presents workouts most of the time as a single exercise circuit, five to ten minutes long, and they suggest a number of repetitions (example: beginners, 3 times, advanced, […]

Funny or Die Exercise Video Parodies (Humor)

FunnyOrDie Exercise

The popular humor website Funny or Die has featured many exercise-related parodies and sketches over the years. As a matter of fact, I found a P90X parody there, too. Recently I discovered these are conveniently located here (topic name: Exercise), along with some related blog posts and images.

I’m not going to […]

My week without caffeine

How I felt on Tuesday! ( / Martin Cathrae)

This might be hard to believe, but I did not start drinking coffee regularly until I was in my 40s. Before that, I tried it occasionally, and didn’t like it. I got my caffeine from soda, but even then I didn’t drink large quantities, except […]