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FWF: Hot Body Method (Free Workout Fridays)

Melissa Ioja ( and

Melissa Ioja ( and

I was first introduced to Melissa Ioja as the newest cast member at, which I previously reviewed here. The DailyHIIT presents workouts most of the time as a single exercise circuit, five to ten minutes long, and they suggest a number of repetitions (example: beginners, 3 times, advanced, 5 times). Recently I noticed that Melissa was doing a “real time” version of a workout (HIIT Reps #24), which means she did all the reps from start to finish. This is the format I am used to following in many DVD-based workouts, and for a timed workout, it also saves the trouble of handling the timer. It also feels as if someone is keeping the pace, so you’re less tempted to slack off.

A few days later, I noticed that Melissa has her own YouTube channel, and website (Hot Body Method). If you’re looking for real time workouts with Melissa, this is the place! There is a Training Videos section on the website which describes each YouTube video in detail, with a text description and exercise list.

These exercise videos are tough! There are some recommendations here for beginners too, though. You can always reduce the number of repetitions, range of motion, level of intensity, etc. Just challenge yourself!

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