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FWF: Marianne Kane, Get Glutes, and more (Free Workout Fridays)

Marianne Kane (

Marianne Kane (

I first heard about Marianne Kane when she was interviewed on The Fitcast podcast, episode 272. She was a registered nurse who became interested in fitness, as she began to improve her own health, then decided to change careers and become a personal trainer. Her About page provides details about her professional qualifications and her health and fitness journey. During the interview she mentioned that she helps a lot of her clients get started with fitness at home, which of course piqued my interest in her website.

As a matter of fact, her website, MyOMyTV,  includes a lot of free workout information, as well as blog posts about many health, fitness, and motivational/inspirational topics. There’s a Beginner’s Corner, with everything from “The Basics” to kettlebell and “variety” workouts. Under Tutorials, choose from kettlebell or bodyweight exercises. (Check out A Guide to Pull Ups for a great tutorial and detailed description.) There’s also a Workouts menu which categorizes all the blog posts: Barbell, Conditioning, Guest Workouts, and more. (Look at the menu bars at the top of the website pages for all the choices.)

But wait, there’s more! Marianne has a YouTube channel (Kitty8Tim), which is a good place to get an overview of the video tutorials and workouts she has done. There’s even a 30 minute Product Taster video, in which she demonstrates a full workout routine using various exercise types (bodyweight, kettlebell, etc.).

Marianne is one of the coaches at the Get Glutes website, a training program for women, which offers a subscription-based membership (not free, but that’s OK too). I can see from the promotional information that the focus on “glutes” is really a trick to include exercises for the entire lower body and back… Even some push ups! Of course, the coaches are guiding their members to the results they want.

I am a big fan of bodyweight exercises, and I am starting to learn about kettlebells too, so I will definitely be back to Marianne’s site for all the information I can find, as well as those free workouts.

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