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P90X3 Cast Profile: Shannon

P90X3 Shannon Eccentric Lower

P90X3 Shannon Eccentric Lower

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Full Name: Shannon Gettins

Video Introduction: Shannon is featured in several P90X3 workouts, including Dynamix and Eccentric Lower. Tony says, “Before P90X3, Shannon was just funny. Now she’s funny and HOT!”

Background/Current:  Shannon is a stand up comedian, comedy writer, and comedy coach, with many professional credits including “a feature film in development.” Cast members in the P90X series certainly get a lot of attention from the fans, so I hope this is another boost to Shannon’s career.

My Comments:  Shannon is a nice choice for a cast member. She seems to be a “Friend of Tony,” or at least she gets along with him pretty well. She was a test group member, but she’s also comfortable in front of the camera. Third, she’s good at the exercises, but not so much as to be intimidating to someone like me, for instance. I’m just saying, give a guy a chance to match someone on the cast, once in a while. I know, it’s not a competition!

Official/Personal Websites:

YouTube (or her channel)

Websites Featuring Shannon:

Results video

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