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8 Weeks to SEALFIT: On-Ramp Week 3 (Stamina)

Power Clean (

Power Clean (

The concept of stamina in SEALFIT is not a timed workout (as many Crossfit-style workouts are), and it is not high intensity interval training (HIIT). It is moderate intensity, volume-based training. There are “chipper” sessions, with lots of reps at a moderate intensity, and other sessions which are “rounds for completion” of the exercise circuit. This week, I added several new exercises: Dumbbell push press and thrusters, barbell deadlifts, sumo deadlift-high pull, power clean, wall ball, and dips. I have done deadlifts and thrusters before, but never with a barbell. Eventually, the goal is to deadlift my body weight, or more.

My workouts were 60-90 minutes each day. I stayed on the lower end of the recommended weight for most exercises, to make sure my form was good and I didn’t run out of, you know, stamina… The Work Capacity section could take up to a half hour all by itself, with several rounds of an exercise circuit, including weights. I like adding a 1 mile jog after the workout, before the cool down. The weather is nice, and it helps me to transition from the Work Capacity section.

My average on Grinder PT day is about 1 1/2 circuits in the 20 minute time period. I am working my way to 2 full rounds!

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