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8 Weeks to SEALFIT: On-Ramp Week 4 (Work Capacity)

There have been Work Capacity sections in every workout since Week 1 of SEALFIT On-Ramp. The focus this week is on Work Capacity as “the ability to do more work in less time” (p. 104). We will be able to do more work by increasing strength and cardiovascular endurance.

GHD sit up

GHD sit up

The influence of CrossFit is seen here, with emphasis placed on exercise variety (including location, which means indoors and outdoors), functional movements (no exercise machines or dumbbell curls), and high intensity (including workouts which are timed, to track your performance). Exercises are divided into total body movements, lower body movements, and upper body movements, using the barbell or other methods. New exercises this week: Kettlebell swing, box jump, glute-hamstring developer (GHD) sit ups (on a bench or stability ball).

The schedule was about the same as last week. One day had strength and work capacity sections, the next day had just the work capacity (a rest day for weightlifting), and then back to strength + work capacity. The big news: I did my first named CrossFit workouts! (Did you know CrossFit workouts have names?) I did the “Angie” workout on day 3 of my workout schedule, and “Fight Gone Bad” on day 5 (the end of the week, fortunately). My two main modifications: 1) I don’t do 100 repetitions of anything in one set, as specified in “Angie” for pull ups, push ups, etc. Instead, I did 10 at a time of each, alternating exercises until I got to 100. 2) I didn’t time myself for speed, but I did record the start and end time. Trust me, it felt like I was going fast enough!

Now that I’ve completed the four weeks of On-Ramp training, it’s decision time. Do I continue with Basic Training (listed as an Appendix in the book), or jump into the “8 Weeks” of Advanced Operator Training? I’ll let you know next week…

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