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Where Have I Been? (Spring/Summer 2014 Edition)

I know that there aren’t too many people who follow my blog, and that’s OK, because some posts are very popular (I translate that to “useful” or “interesting”). For those few fortunate souls who have noticed that I haven’t posted anything for a few months, thank you! I hope you’re a member of the Facebook Group, where I post updates almost daily.

I think when I published the latest P90X3 Cast Profile, I in the middle of another round of P90X3. After that, I pulled out the Insanity DVDs for another round (April and May). In June, I started something completely new: 8 Weeks to SEALFIT, a book by Mark Divine. It’s been seven weeks already, and I’ve been learning new exercises inspired by P90X, CrossFit, yoga, and more. (Olympic weightlifting with my new barbell? Yikes!)

I need to pick a time once or twice a week to write blog posts. I want to talk about my experience with SEALFIT, research some more cast profiles, share some great free workout sites, and maybe other topics too. In this season of my life, I’ve been grateful to have the time for the 1-2 hour workouts, and participating in a couple of fitness-related Facebook groups. As I tell people when talking about my workouts, “It’s a hobby.”

I’d love to read your comments here or in the Facebook group about any new workouts you’re doing, or if you have tried any of the ones I have mentioned before. If you’re into SEALFIT or CrossFit, let me know!

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