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P90X2 Cast Profile: Kit X2 Balance and Power

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Russian Twist

Full Name: Kit Horton Caldicott

P90X2 Introduction: Tony Horton has known her “forever,” because Kit is his younger sister. At first, I thought this was a figure of speech (“like a sister to me”), but it’s true! Kit is also a Team Beachbody […]

P90X2 Day 25: Balance and Power

I was really running late today, partly because I was trying to get caught up on this blog! As a result, my main goal was getting through the workout with a minimum of pauses and skipped exercises, so I could get back on track for the morning routine.

As I have mentioned, I am working […]

P90X2 Day 18: Balance and Power

Today was not a good workout day. Looking back after I have completed my first round of P90X2, I hope I will be able to say this was my low point, where everything turned around and got better.

I got home unusually late last night, and slept from 2 AM – 8 AM. This is […]

P90X2 Day 11: Balance and Power

Let’s start at the very beginning… As Tony is describing the exercise sets, which are sets of 6, he says “Brutal/brutal/brutal/brutal/brutal” (5 times, not 6). I find that funny for some reason.

Some exercise notes:

Going from sphinx position to a plyo pushup is hard on my shoulders. I have to modify to stay in […]

P90X2 Day 4: Balance and Power

If you are reading other P90X2 blogs (It’s OK, I won’t be upset), you may have noticed that I am doing the Balance and Power workout on day 4, rather than the recommended day 6. That’s because I want to allow extra time for the Total Body workout, followed by the new and, um, different […]