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Beachbody Insanity Cast Profile: Adriana

Adriana, how do you feel?

Don’t forget to check out all my CAST PROFILES!

Adriana, how do you feel?

Full Name: Adriana Falcon

Video Introduction: Shaun T worked with Adriana in the Hip Hop Abs workout program, and then Insanity. Shaun T checks on Adriana from time to time during the Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit. She’s doing great, […]

Beachbody Insanity Month 2/Final Results

C’mon y’all! Let’s GOOOO!

In all the excitement of the past month (ha ha), I forgot to mention the results of my first round through Beachbody’s Insanity workout program. To be honest, when I started, I was more concerned about injuring myself than I was about losing weight. After all, my brother-in-law gave the […]

Beachbody Insanity Cast Profile: Jimmy

Don’t forget to check out all my CAST PROFILES!

Insanity Core Cardio and Balance

Full Name: Jimmy Hays Nelson (+Jimmy Nelson)

Video Introduction: Shaun T stops to talk with Jimmy during every Beachbody Insanity workout, it seems. Jimmy is always going full speed, with a smile on his face and some helpful comments. He […]

Beachbody Insanity Cast Profile: Anna (or is it Hannah?)

Don’t forget to check out all my CAST PROFILES!

Help me, Shaun T! (Anna doesn’t need it)

Full Name: Anna Kaiser

Video Introduction: Shaun T seems to have trouble with Anna’s name. Sometimes he calls her “Hannah.” These are intense workouts, so we’ll forgive him! The cameras turn to Anna fairly often in the Beachbody […]

Beachbody Insanity Week 4/Month 1 Recap

So far, so good! (Amazon link to the sign)

I’m still alive, after a month of Insanity! Five weeks, actually, if I include the Recovery week. I was given the DVDs by my brother-in-law, who decided around this point that the program was too hard on his knees, and that he didn’t like […]