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8 Weeks To SEALFIT Preparation Week

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I’ve started a new workout program. Actually, Commander Mark Divine says 8 Weeks to SEALFIT is a training program, “passionately applying carefully conceived principles to develop yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually.” It is based on Divine’s Navy SEAL experience, adapted for civilians who want to get in shape, as well […]

P90X by the book? March 28-April 3

This week, I decided to pull out the P90X week 1 workouts, with a couple of variations. On resistance workout days, I did the warm up and stretch with Tony and the gang, then I let the DVD run (muted) while I proceeded as quickly as possible. If I needed instructions, I referred to the […]

Tony Horton’s "Bring It!" – The End (of daily updates)


Today was Sunday. The only strenuous physical activity I did was raking the lawn for an hour. Spring has sprung, or pretty close to it. Nutrition

There were a couple of opportunities to really blow it today, but in the end I managed to break even (or pretty close, at +100 calories). The usual […]

Tony Horton’s "Bring It!" Day 37


For the resistance workout, I went back to my old resistance band, after breaking the new one, which was mounted to the door on a Velcro belt and hooks. One of the hooks broke when I was doing my pull-downs.

I am consistently 30+ pushups per set now. I try to do 10 at […]

Tony Horton’s "Bring It!" Day 34


Today I tried something a little different while doing the resistance level 2 workout. I used a real pull-up bar, rather than the resistance bands I normally use for pull-downs. There is only one place in my house where the pull-up bar will hang, and that is not convenient when I am “working out […]