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P90X on a Budget? Read Tony Horton’s Bring It!

I’m sure there are many people like me out there, who would love to purchase the P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout DVD Program, if it wasn’t for the price tag. I mean, it’s a good deal if you add up the cost of all those DVDs, plus the other stuff that’s included, but it might […]

Bring It! Warrior Phase 1, Week 4

Four weeks into this round of Bring It! workouts, I am reminded again that time flies when you’re having fun. Wait, am I having fun? Well, I can see that I’m making progress, based on my worksheet, and that’s fun. Here are some exercises that have improved this week:

Tick Tock Lifts: I did all […]

P90X2 Day 9: Plyocide

This is my second official week. In addition, I previewed this workout once or twice. I still find myself wondering, “Why are they pretending to arrive at the gym again? Isn’t this an at-home workout?” I laughed at the beginning of some of the P90X workouts, too, where they were in a pre-game huddle or […]

Still Hanging In There


Well, it’s been three weeks, and it’s great to be back! I’ve been hanging out with Jillian Michaels more than with Tony Horton these days, reading Jillian’s book Unlimited, listening to her podcast (which, unlike the Beachbody podcast, is NOT a wholesale infomercial), and revisiting the 30 Day Shred workout DVD. I’m even […]

Where have I been?


It’s been a long time since my last post! I feel like saying “since my last confession.” As the blog’s name implies, it has been good, bad, and ugly over the past couple of months. I will do my best to summarize. What I have learned from looking at the statistics for the blog […]