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Body Revolution Cast Profile: Kamilah "Mimi" Barrett

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Mimi in Body Revolution

Full Name: Kamilah “Mimi” Barrett

Video Introduction: Jillian calls out Kamilah several times, to demonstrate a more energetic or entertaining variation of an exercise. Her nickname “Mimi” is used in all the workouts. Aside from old pros Anita and Natalie, Mimi is […]

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Cast Profile: Sari Melain

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Sari demonstrates High Knees. She can fly!

Full Name: Sari Melain Lamela Video Introduction: Jillian likes to pick on Sari from time to time, usually for a killer cardio exercise done at extra high speed. She meets the challenges with enthusiasm. Lots of enthusiasm!

From Sari’s […]

Body Revolution Cast Profile: Hayley

Don’t forget to check out all my CAST PROFILES!

Hayley can smile through this. I can’t!

Full Name: Hayley S. Newton

Video Introduction: Jillian doesn’t talk directly to Hayley very much, but she likes to boss her around! Hayley displays her physical abilities by demonstrating some of the more challenging exercises.

Background/Current: Hayley is best […]

Body Revolution Cast Profile: David Shipp

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Can David see Jillian from up there?

Full Name: David Shipp

Video Introduction: We don’t learn too much about David from the Body Revolution workouts. Jillian brings him up front to demonstrate some of the strength-based exercises, such as Burpees, Cannonball jumps, and (in the […]

Body Revolution Cast Profile: Lana Titus

Don’t forget to check out all my CAST PROFILES! Lana’s so fast, she’s a blur!

Full Name: Lana Titus Video Introduction: Jillian mentions on several occasions that Lana has three kids. Jillian has also told us that her video athletes are chosen to inspire us. Lana is inspiring and motivating moms to get in shape […]