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My Latest Injury and Recovery Plan

Guess which body part made this hole?

Since I started blogging at the beginning of 2011, I have sustained several exercise-related injuries to my shoulders, knees, and feet. A few days ago, I experienced my most embarrassing injury so far. I have to blog about this one, right?

I use a chin up bar […]

Bring It! Warrior Phase 1, Week 6, and Injury Update

I started the week with an injured foot, so I knew this would be an “opportunity” to modify exercises and learn to cope with the situation. I’ve heard athletes talk about weeks and months of recovery from much more serious injuries. My rule of thumb was to exercise as much as possible, without aggravating my […]

Bring It! Warrior Phase 1 Week 5, and a Shred

It’s been a crazy week! My intention was to follow the Bring It! Warrior 1 sequence again, but then, as they say, “life happened.” Here’s a summary:

Monday: Plyocide, without as much energy as last week, but still pretty good.

Tuesday: Resistance. I ran short on time but still gave it my best effort, and […]