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My week without caffeine

How I felt on Tuesday! ( / Martin Cathrae)

This might be hard to believe, but I did not start drinking coffee regularly until I was in my 40s. Before that, I tried it occasionally, and didn’t like it. I got my caffeine from soda, but even then I didn’t drink large quantities, except […]

FWF: Ben Greenfield Fitness and Get Fit Guy (Free Workout Friday)

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Ben Greenfield is a sports nutritionist, personal trainer, and triathlete. He is also a podcaster. It’s no secret that I enjoy the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast. I have mentioned Ben in the blog several times. In fact, Ben is the host of two podcasts: The previously-mentioned, self-titled one, and another called […]

Is Stretching Good for You?

In a recent Get Fit Guy Podcast titled How to Get More Flexible (transcript available on the page), host Ben Greenfield discusses the pros and cons of stretching, overstretching, and inflexibility. There are good reasons to use static stretches and dynamic stretches. For example, it’s a good idea to increase range of motion in the […]

P90X2 Day 46: Shoulders + Arms and Ab Ripper

When I woke up today, for some reason I guess I thought it was Friday instead of Thursday, so I went down to the basement without any shoes on and almost got started with P90X2 Yoga. Oops! Fortunately I realized my mistake before putting in the wrong DVD.

My goal today was to lift as […]