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Beachbody Insanity Month 2/Final Results

C’mon y’all! Let’s GOOOO!

In all the excitement of the past month (ha ha), I forgot to mention the results of my first round through Beachbody’s Insanity workout program. To be honest, when I started, I was more concerned about injuring myself than I was about losing weight. After all, my brother-in-law gave the […]

Beachbody Insanity Week 4/Month 1 Recap

So far, so good! (Amazon link to the sign)

I’m still alive, after a month of Insanity! Five weeks, actually, if I include the Recovery week. I was given the DVDs by my brother-in-law, who decided around this point that the program was too hard on his knees, and that he didn’t like […]

Beachbody Insanity Week 3: Fit Test and Overeating!

“Adriana, tell me how you feel!” “I feel like sh*t!”

Tuesday, February 12 was my birthday. It was also Week 3, Day 2 of Insanity. Of course, it’s possible to treat my birthday as a “cheat day” when it comes to my calorie count and exercise, and get back to the program on the […]

Beachbody Insanity Week 2 Recap

“C’mon y’all, Let’s GOOOOO!”

I made it to the end of week 2 of Beachbody’s Insanity workout program, and for some reason I want to put up one of those signs you’ve seen or heard about in factories: “No injuries in (number) days.” In other words, it’s “So far, so good” when it comes […]

Beachbody Insanity Week 1 Recap

I made it through the first week! I don’t have any statistics on how many people bail out of the Insanity program at this point, but there must be some who don’t like it enough to continue, or manage to injure themselves. I am happy to say that I don’t hate it so far, […]