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What is P90X2 Neuro-Integrated Stretching?

NIS Stretching (Coach Alicia’s Fong’s blog)

It’s no secret that I enjoy listening to the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast. Although I am not an endurance athlete of any kind, and I gave up running years ago, I still get a lot of useful health and fitness information from Ben’s Q&A and main topics. On […]

Is Stretching Good for You?

In a recent Get Fit Guy Podcast titled How to Get More Flexible (transcript available on the page), host Ben Greenfield discusses the pros and cons of stretching, overstretching, and inflexibility. There are good reasons to use static stretches and dynamic stretches. For example, it’s a good idea to increase range of motion in the […]

P90X Day 85: P.A.P. Lower

I didn’t sleep enough last night. I was dealing with some “stuff” at home, so I started late. Time to use all the catch phrases, right? Press Play. Get your mind right. Do your best, and forget the rest. Bring it! Oh, and of course, for P.A.P. Lower, “Find the line!”

I guess the workout […]

P90X2 Day 75: P.A.P. Lower

I’ve talked a lot about this workout already, doing it twice a week! Here are some exercise notes: The Step Up Convict was faster, but shaky during the backwards lunge The Single Leg Line Hop was faster, but still hard to keep my directions straight During Tony’s Triangle it was hard to straighten my leg, […]

P90X2 Day 71: P.A.P. Lower

I found my stride today with this workout. First of all, I was not dealing with the illness I had a few days ago. Second, with this twice a week schedule, plus all the repetitions of the same exercises, I think I’m getting the hang of it.

One thing I wondered during the warm up: […]