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A Bad Workout Week, or a Recovery Week?

Getting back on schedule after vacation is always a little crazy, but I did not expect my exercise and healthy eating to be disrupted quite this much.Monday: After a long ride home on Sunday, I did not workout early in the morning. Then I found out I needed to work, rather than taking a scheduled […]

Vacation Week Bring It! Workouts

I was on vacation last week, with a bad foot. We had lots of walking planned, though, and I generally try to fit in a 30-60 minute workout in the morning if possible, and the hotel has an exercise room. My goals were 1) Don’t overeat ALL the time (maybe SOME OF the time); 2) […]

P90X2 Day 84: Recovery, mini-golf, and overeating

Keeping with tradition, I did no exercise and no foam rolling today. I did venture outside for a game of mini-golf with my family and in-laws, on a sunny pre-spring day. I’m sure that it didn’t burn too many calories compared to my usual Sunday activities. The late lunch at the diner didn’t help, either. […]

P90X2 Day 56: Recovery

There’s not much to report today, really. It was a busy Sunday, so I did not do any foam rolling. My recovery consisted of a lack of activity, along with a little overeating (not too crazy, though).

Over the past couple of days, it has occurred to me that I really need a recovery week. […]

P90X2 Day 55: Base + Back and Ab Ripper

It’s the weekend, and we had a family gathering planned. I was short on time, and I consumed a lot of calories today (by my own choice, of course). I knew this going into the workout, so I did my best to make it count.

I still couldn’t decide between pull downs in the kneeling […]