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P90X2 Cast Profile: Collette, X2 Ab Ripper and P.A.P. Lower

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Side Bridge Leg Lift (advanced version)

Full Name: Collette DeBenedetto Stohler

P90X2 Introduction: In X2 Ab Ripper, Tony Horton concludes with a shout out to Collette, “The French-Italian!” In P.A.P. Lower, we learn that she’s a former bodybuilder… No, Tony, an Olympic-style weightlifter, to be precise. […]

P90X2 Cast Profile: Collette, Where Are You?

Note: Looking for more info about Collette? I created a new cast profile page: CLICK HERE

Lots of people are searching my blog for information about Collette from P90X2, the former Olympic-style weightlifter and current Beachbody employee, as featured in X2 Ab Ripper and X2 P.A.P. Lower. “Lots of people” relatively speaking, of course, given […]

P90X2 Day 89: P.A.P. Lower

Today was my wife’s birthday. Why is this relevant to my P90X2 blog? Well, it’s another example of life vs. workout time. I wanted, no actually I was asked by my wife to make breakfast, which is fine, but I needed to get through this workout ASAP before she woke up. I took this as […]

P90X Day 85: P.A.P. Lower

I didn’t sleep enough last night. I was dealing with some “stuff” at home, so I started late. Time to use all the catch phrases, right? Press Play. Get your mind right. Do your best, and forget the rest. Bring it! Oh, and of course, for P.A.P. Lower, “Find the line!”

I guess the workout […]

P90X2 Day 82: P.A.P. Lower

During today’s warm up, I conquered the not-so-tricky-looking Fire Hydrant stretch. Yes, it looks like a male dog going to the bathroom, so it should be obvious. The sequence goes: Leg sideways and up, then foot back, then leg down. After a few repetitions, it is reversed: Foot back and up, then foot sideways, then […]