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P90X2 Cast Profile: Robert P.A.P. Upper

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Robert in a Step Up Hammer Press

Full Name: Robert Hudgens

P90X2 Introduction: Don’t Mess with Texas! That’s what Robert says, and I don’t want to “mess” with Robert, either. He accompanied Tony on a Beachbody military tour in Japan.

Background/Current: Robert was a Team Beachbody […]

P90X2 Cast Profile: Collette, X2 Ab Ripper and P.A.P. Lower

Don’t forget to check out all my CAST PROFILES!

Side Bridge Leg Lift (advanced version)

Full Name: Collette DeBenedetto Stohler

P90X2 Introduction: In X2 Ab Ripper, Tony Horton concludes with a shout out to Collette, “The French-Italian!” In P.A.P. Lower, we learn that she’s a former bodybuilder… No, Tony, an Olympic-style weightlifter, to be precise. […]

P90X2 Cast Profile: Wayne P.A.P. Upper

Full Name: Wayne Wyatt

P90X2 Introduction: He’s an orthodontist who credits Tony Horton and P90X for his current level of fitness. “Bald is sexy,” says his wife. Accused by Tony of “Holding up America, Wayne!” when he delayed a set of the Step Up Hammer Press. I’m sure he didn’t mean to do it. […]

P90X2 Cast Profile: Christina Boyce (P.A.P. Upper, Chest, Shoulders and Tris)

Full Name: Christina Scafati Boyce

P90X2 Introduction: A registered nurse, and mom of five, including twins. Also a Team Beachbody coach.

Current: You can add Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist to her impressive qualifications.

My Comments: Christina is tough. Another super-fit P90X2 mom! She’s demonstrating the resistance bands moves, but in this […]

P90X2 Cast Profile: Collette, Where Are You?

Note: Looking for more info about Collette? I created a new cast profile page: CLICK HERE

Lots of people are searching my blog for information about Collette from P90X2, the former Olympic-style weightlifter and current Beachbody employee, as featured in X2 Ab Ripper and X2 P.A.P. Lower. “Lots of people” relatively speaking, of course, given […]