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FWF: Bodylastics on YouTube (Free Workout Fridays)

Bodylastics (

Bodylastics (

I am a fan of the Bodylastics brand resistance bands. I have been using them for my workouts (particularly P90X and P90X2) when doing pull downs as a replacement for pull ups, because my basement has a low ceiling. Besides the pull down, there are so many exercises which can be done […]

P90X2 Fit Test (At Last!)

Let me start with a question: Does anyone besides me have difficulty actually scheduling a P90X Fit Test? I mean, it’s not the same as a regular workout. There are pictures (which I sadly never take), there are real pull ups (which I can only do at one inconvenient location in my house), there are […]

P90X2 Day 53: Shoulders + Arms and Ab Ripper

Wow, I thought it was Yoga Day again this week, instead of Shoulders and Arms. I don’t think I am coming to appreciate yoga that much. Maybe I am trying to rush the week along? Unfortunately, I slept late again, and skipped my early morning snack, thinking I was headed into a (slightly) shorter workout.


P90X2 Day 43: Chest Back and Balance, Ab Ripper

I started the DVD today, and I thought once again, “That’s a lot of stuff!” when I saw the equipment list. Also, I was wondering if I mentioned that the cast members are Aaron, Shawn, and of course Kelly (bikini/fitness model and health blogger).This time around, I heard Tony Horton say that “kipping” is “Body […]

P90X2 Day 36: Chest Back and Balance, Ab Ripper

For my second session with this workout, I wanted to figure out how to make the pull downs with the resistance bands a little more interesting, or at least figure out what the difference was between them. The pull ups look so much cooler! I used the same increased bands here as for Base + […]