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Soreness vs Pain photo by Ha-Wee

As much as I love to work out with Jillian Michaels (using her DVDs, that is), Jillian often says “I know it hurts” or makes references to “pain” being a good thing, when in fact she means “discomfort” or “soreness.” For example, she often quotes the saying “Pain is fear […]

Is Stretching Good for You?

In a recent Get Fit Guy Podcast titled How to Get More Flexible (transcript available on the page), host Ben Greenfield discusses the pros and cons of stretching, overstretching, and inflexibility. There are good reasons to use static stretches and dynamic stretches. For example, it’s a good idea to increase range of motion in the […]

P90X2 Day 23: Plyocide

I worked hard today. This was a fasted workout session, as recommended by Ben Greenfield (search for “Ben Greenfield Intermittent Fasting”) as well as the P90X2 Nutrition Guide. The idea is that if you eat three meals a day, and work out for an hour or less per day, even first thing in the morning […]

P90X2 Day 16: Plyocide

I wasn’t sure if today’s workout was going to turn out so well. First of all, I got four and half hours of sleep last night. Second, the previous night’s sleep wasn’t so great, either. I decided to “do my best and forget the rest” anyway, because there is a “Recovery and Mobility” day tomorrow.


P90X2 Day 15: X2 Core

Today I decided to do a little more foam rolling (my soda bottle variation). If you can’t beat ’em… It really does take time to do it right. At this point, I will call it an even swap for stretching, although some studies indicate stretching before workouts is ineffective or even harmful (see item 1). […]