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A Bad Workout Week, or a Recovery Week?

Getting back on schedule after vacation is always a little crazy, but I did not expect my exercise and healthy eating to be disrupted quite this much.Monday: After a long ride home on Sunday, I did not workout early in the morning. Then I found out I needed to work, rather than taking a scheduled […]

August Update

Hmm, it’s been a while (once again). Don’t worry, it’s not because I have abandoned the good habits Jillian and Tony taught me. On the contrary, I have continued to work out on a regular basis, I seem to be making progress on my slowly expanding waistline, if that makes sense, and […]

Still Hanging In There


Well, it’s been three weeks, and it’s great to be back! I’ve been hanging out with Jillian Michaels more than with Tony Horton these days, reading Jillian’s book Unlimited, listening to her podcast (which, unlike the Beachbody podcast, is NOT a wholesale infomercial), and revisiting the 30 Day Shred workout DVD. I’m even […]

Weekly Update April 4-10


Monday I did the usual (for the past few weeks) Striver’s Aerobic Level 2 and 15 minutes on the treadmill. It’s nice that some of these exercises work the core, too.Tuesday Chest and Back: I completed the entire workout and about two-thirds of Ab Ripper in my allocated 60 minutes. That’s progress, compared to […]

P90X by the book? March 28-April 3

This week, I decided to pull out the P90X week 1 workouts, with a couple of variations. On resistance workout days, I did the warm up and stretch with Tony and the gang, then I let the DVD run (muted) while I proceeded as quickly as possible. If I needed instructions, I referred to the […]