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P90X2 Cast Profile: Alfonso

Alfonso demonstrates Phelon Twist (X2 Ab Ripper)

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Full Name: Alfonso Arevalo

Video Introduction: Alfonso is featured in the Meet the Cast series, as well as X2 Ab Ripper, and the bonus workout Chest+Shoulders+Tris.

Background/Current: Alfonso is a railroad conductor and Team Beachbody coach. His coach […]

Cast Profile: Bobby Stephenson (Power 90, P90X, P90X2, P90X3)

Tony makes Bobby laugh (P90X Back and Biceps)

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Full Name: Robert “Bobby” Stephenson (not Stevenson)

Video Introduction: Bobby has been with Tony Horton since the beginning. He was a cast member in Power 90, Power 90 Master Series, P90X, and P90X2. That’s over 10 […]

I Do My Ab Ripper At Night (So I Can, So I Can)

Bobby, Alphonso, Tony and Collette doing Scissor Twist

I have a confession to make: During seven complete or partial rounds of P90X, I didn’t complete the Ab Ripper portion of the workout nearly as much as I should have. In fact, as I got several weeks into the 90 day cycle, I would do […]

P90X2 Cast Profile: Collette, X2 Ab Ripper and P.A.P. Lower

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Side Bridge Leg Lift (advanced version)

Full Name: Collette DeBenedetto Stohler

P90X2 Introduction: In X2 Ab Ripper, Tony Horton concludes with a shout out to Collette, “The French-Italian!” In P.A.P. Lower, we learn that she’s a former bodybuilder… No, Tony, an Olympic-style weightlifter, to be precise. […]

P90X2 Cast Profile: Collette, Where Are You?

Note: Looking for more info about Collette? I created a new cast profile page: CLICK HERE

Lots of people are searching my blog for information about Collette from P90X2, the former Olympic-style weightlifter and current Beachbody employee, as featured in X2 Ab Ripper and X2 P.A.P. Lower. “Lots of people” relatively speaking, of course, given […]