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P90X2 Day 15: X2 Core

Today I decided to do a little more foam rolling (my soda bottle variation). If you can’t beat ’em… It really does take time to do it right. At this point, I will call it an even swap for stretching, although some studies indicate stretching before workouts is ineffective or even harmful (see item 1). At the very least, the body should be warmed up prior to stretching, which is what P90X has always taught us, and P90X2 does prior to the new warm up stretches (World’s Greatest, Scorpion, Inch Worm, etc).

Before the workout, I inflated my stability ball a little more, and it was not exactly “easier” to use, but it was usable for more of the exercises. It’s even more diffiicult to lean on a mushy ball, apparently.

Comparing my worksheet from last week to this week, I see fewer toe taps and better control of my raised foot and ankle. There is also an improvement in my coordination for the Holmsen Screamer Lunge. I am finally paying attention when Tony says to “engage the core,” or at least learning to do it at the same time as everything else. I am definitely improving, but I still don’t need that medicine ball to make it any harder for me yet.

Some cast notes… I noticed Barbie’s smirk during the warm up, as she is moving the stability ball up and down. I don’t know if she was going for cheery, or cool, but it looks silly to me. Also, this is the workout in which Tony says “There’s fire in my buttocks!” during the Single Leg Walk Out to Sphinx, which I think was an unfortunate choice of words. Oops.

At the end of the workout,  I cut the stretching section short because I was running late.

Does anyone have any helpful tips for “engaging the core”? Tony just keeps telling me to “Squeeze it!”

2 comments to P90X2 Day 15: X2 Core

  • I just didn’t realize I was THAT smirky when I was doing it. Sigh. That’s the thing about video, it’s too late to change! So it lives!! :) I just wanted to be upbeat…but it does look cheesy 😀

  • It’s OK, all is forgiven! :-) Remember in P90X, that Drea rarely spoke without a fake accent, and Pam hardly spoke at all. They both knocked it out of the park in terms of their effort, which is all that matters. BTW, I got a very nice response from @pamtheblam when I did her profile, and I enjoy following her now on FB and Twitter.