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P90X2 P90X3 Cast Profile: Shawna, where are you?

Tony and Shawna (according to

Welcome to the unofficial Shawna Brannon Fan Page! Just kidding… But here’s some info for you.

Many people have searched the Internet for more information about Shawna from the X2 Yoga workout in P90X2. I may have confessed to a little crush on her myself. I have created quite a few cast profiles about P90X2 and P90X cast members, but Shawna has not chosen to make herself known online, which is my main requirement for a cast profile. Here is what little we know:

  • This New York Times article from 2011, about Tony Horton and P90X, lists Shawna Brannon as his girlfriend.
  • The picture to the left from shows Tony and someone they claim to be Shawna. She looks a lot like the person we see in X2 Yoga, and in the video below.
  • Tony Horton’s book Bring It! includes an acknowledgement of Shawna Marie Brannon.
  • December 2013 update: Shawna is back for P90X3! She is a cast member in the Pilates workout, and her influence is seen in a few exercises found in other workouts (Brannon Boat, for example).

That’s all I’ve got so far, plus the video clip below. Since you stopped by, I hope that satisfies your curiosity. Check out the rest of my cast profiles for more information about your P90X2 favorites, as I add them to the blog.

Here’s an update from 2014: Tony and Shawna demonstrate couples yoga for Valentine’s Day!

18 comments to P90X2 P90X3 Cast Profile: Shawna, where are you?

  • Years ago I was friends with Shawna. At the time she was selling Amway when it was under the name of Quixtar. She is a super nice and awesome woman. I ran across your blog looking for her and hoping to find her on facebook, but she has always been a private person. It is awesome to see her face, it would be nice to reconnect with her, but know that they woman you are looking at is for sure Shawna Marie Brannon.

  • Thanks for the inside scoop! :-) It’s great to hear something complimentary about Shawna, when we know so little. I can appreciate that she hasn’t gone public since her appearance in P90X2, because it can be messy. Well, except for that appearance on the Today Show, and maybe some other events. I guess everyone has to decide how to handle their public and private lives.

  • my Ninja

    Shawna Swenson Branon, 38 years old. Born and raised in Arizona. Lived there until she married Mark Branon. Google him with key words- lord of the lies- new times. During his trial she moved back to Arizona from California then divorced Branon after his guilty verdicts and his sentencing. She is the woman in Tony hortons videos. She is pretty, not much else.

  • […] bounce off other people, who are often his real-life friends (Shawna, who appears in X2 Yoga, also happens to be his girlfriend and every P90Xer knows sister Kit.) Though not everyone lets their light shine (I’m looking at […]

  • McSugarBombs

    Is this Shawna the same “Shawna” that is on the very first P90X Yoga?

    • Hi! There are two different Shawnas: P90X and P90X2. The later one also happens to be Tony Horton’s girlfriend. I guess it’s convenient that she was a fast learner when it came to yoga.

      • eagleflyfree

        I am doing p90x3 now. On the Pilates workout you will meet Shawna, who Tony introduces. He says “guys, don’t even think about, this is my girl”. I too thought it was the same Shawna as p90x yoga, but apparently not.

    • VW

      I’m pretty sure Shawna from P90x yoga is the same as P90x3 Yoga.
      P90x2 Shawna is a completely diff person. But there’s one noticeable difference in Shawna from P90x to P90x3 and it rhymes with Shmest Shmimplants

      • McSugarBombs

        but… the P90X3 Yoga does not have shawna…. Instead, it has stephanie and tracy.. are you sure you are talking about the P90X3 Yoga???

      • I would need to look carefully at P90X Yoga again (which I have not done for a while) but I believe Tony met Shawna Brannon away from P90X land. He also did not refer to her as a returning cast member in P90X2. I also noticed the sizeable difference between the two Shawnas. 😉 Not sure if “They are real, and they are spectacular” though.

  • HearsAWho

    Also, the original Power 90 also had a cast member named Shawna. Which means there was someone of that name in:

    Power 90

    I’ve always wondered: is this the same person?

    The only thing that stands out to when I’m running over my memory of Tony’s commentary/introductions is her flexibility. But I do remember a timeline disconnect – in P90X, Shawna has been doing Yoga for a short period of time. But then in P90X2, the Shawna there has also only been doing Yoga for a short period of time (shorter than the period of time between P90X and P90X2).

    Yeah… I’ve seen all these videos way too many times.

    • All the P90X fans are guilty of memorizing the DVDs! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Shawna (the latest) makes appearances on Tony’s YouTube channel these days.

  • HearsAWho

    Also, just found the following:

    About four years ago I met my girlfriend Shawna…

    Since this was posted in October 2013, that places them meeting in late 2009.

    Power 90 came out in 2001.
    P90X came out in 2003.
    P90X2 came out in 2011.
    P90X3 came out in 2013.