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P90X2 Cast Profile: Alfonso

Alfonso demonstrates Phelon Twist (X2 Ab Ripper)

Alfonso demonstrates Phelon Twist (X2 Ab Ripper)

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Full Name: Alfonso Arevalo

Video Introduction: Alfonso is featured in the Meet the Cast series, as well as X2 Ab Ripper, and the bonus workout Chest+Shoulders+Tris.

Background/Current: Alfonso is a railroad conductor and Team Beachbody coach. His coach profile describes his initial success with the Hip Hop Abs workout program, leading to his role in P90X2.

My Comments: Unfortunately, I didn’t purchase one of the P90X2 Kits (Deluxe or Ultimate) which includes the bonus workouts. Based on his credentials as an Army veteran and a fitness success story, as well as the abilities of fellow X2 Ab Ripper cast members Bobby and Collette, Alfonso is one tough guy.

Official/Personal Websites:

Team Beachbody
Facebook  (friend request)

Websites Featuring Alfonso:

Meet the Cast: Alfonso A.

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