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Not-So-Fat Shaming?

Before: Fred June 2008

There’s been some media attention lately about the topic of fat shaming, which can be described as confronting someone who is overweight or obese, in an attempt to force them to change. I think this is mean, ineffective, and reflects poorly on the (sometimes) well-meaning people who do it, in […]

Zach Anner’s Workout Wednesdays

This is not my usual fitness humor blog post. Is this humor, inspiration, or a little of both? I had never heard of Zach Anner before seeing one of his Workout Wednesdays videos on a friend’s Facebook feed. According to his Wikipedia page, 29-year-old Zach was born with cerebral palsy, and it’s been an interesting […]

Exercise videos by Howcast Sports and Fitness

This is not exactly a Free Workout Friday as such, because I haven’t found any start-to-finish workouts on this site yet. I am still very excited about the information available at They provide short “how to” videos about a variety of subjects, including Sports & Fitness. Each sub-topic includes […]

Triathlon: The Tale of Ben and Jillian

Recently, two of my favorite trainers/podcasters participated in triathlons, with very different experiences and race results. I thought it would be fun to compare them, and see what we can learn.

DISCLAIMER 1: I was a runner on my high school cross country team, for two years. Pretty consistently, I finished races at the back […]