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P90X3 Cast Profile: Stephanie Saunders

Stephanie and Tony created the P90X3 Yoga "flow"

Stephanie and Tony created the P90X3 Yoga “flow”

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Full Name: Stephanie Saunders

Video Introduction: Stephanie is featured in several P90X3 workouts, including Yoga and Pilates. She is also well known to viewers of the Beachbody Live! Q&A series with Tony and other Beachbody trainers.

Background/Current: According to her Team Beachbody bio, Stephanie has been a dancer, fitness instructor, holds several training certifications, as well as a career in the entertainment industry as a performer and production manager.

My Comments: When I watched a couple of the Tony Horton Q&A videos, I could tell that Stephanie knows her stuff. She also supplies a lot of information during Pilates X. There’s a special place in my heart for Pilates, since that’s how I got my start with home fitness DVDs. That doesn’t make this routine any easier for me! (Also, the Stephanie-Shawna wink will go down in P90X history. No idea where that came from!)

P90X3 Pilates Stephanie Wink

P90X3 Pilates Stephanie winks?

Official/Personal Websites:

I can’t find one! If Stephanie has an official website, please let me know in the comments or the Facebook group.

Websites Featuring Stephanie:

Beachbody Live! (YouTube search)
Strong is Sexy (YouTube, with Collette from P90X2)
Team Beachbody articles

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