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FWF: Tony Horton Fitness on YouTube (Free Workout Fridays)

THF Accelerated Series on YouTube: Just Tony, without the kids

You know I am a big fan of Tony Horton. Just look at my blog header image, for example. I have to admit, though, that his workout programs are a little pricey. Of course, you know about P90X and the follow up programs. You […]

Is Your Workout Too Productive?

Stopwatch by wwarby (

I really like to learn from my productive friends, and other productivity experts. They talk about to do lists, maximum results for a task in a shorter amount of time, setting goals and achieving them, stuff like that. I have a long way to go before I could consider myself […]

Exercise videos by Howcast Sports and Fitness

This is not exactly a Free Workout Friday as such, because I haven’t found any start-to-finish workouts on this site yet. I am still very excited about the information available at They provide short “how to” videos about a variety of subjects, including Sports & Fitness. Each sub-topic includes […]

FWF: Marianne Kane, Get Glutes, and more (Free Workout Fridays)

Marianne Kane (

I first heard about Marianne Kane when she was interviewed on The Fitcast podcast, episode 272. She was a registered nurse who became interested in fitness, as she began to improve her own health, then decided to change careers and become a personal trainer. Her About page provides details about her […]

FWF: Hot Body Method (Free Workout Fridays)

Melissa Ioja ( and

I was first introduced to Melissa Ioja as the newest cast member at, which I previously reviewed here. The DailyHIIT presents workouts most of the time as a single exercise circuit, five to ten minutes long, and they suggest a number of repetitions (example: beginners, 3 times, advanced, […]