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FWF: Tony Horton Fitness on YouTube (Free Workout Fridays)

THF Accelerated Series on YouTube: Just Tony, without the kids

THF Accelerated Series on YouTube: Just Tony, without the kids

You know I am a big fan of Tony Horton. Just look at my blog header image, for example. I have to admit, though, that his workout programs are a little pricey. Of course, you know about P90X and the follow up programs. You might have heard of Power 90 (where it all began), and 10 Minute Trainer. Only the true Tony Horton followers know about P90X One on One with Tony Horton. (You can also buy these from Beachbody for $20 each!) I think Tony created this series to answer the critics who complained he only demonstrated exercises in P90X, and couldn’t complete the workouts himself. Well, in this series, it’s just him and a cameraman, for 30-60 minutes. A couple of workouts are included as a teaser with P90X2, and I liked them… Not enough to buy them individually or as a set, with my limited budget.

Recently, Tony launched (or re-launched) his YouTube channel, Tony Horton Fitness (THF). I will describe several sections below, but there’s a reason I am featuring this on Free Workout Friday… There’s a playlist called  Accelerated Series, which is just like One on One in a 5-10 minute format. Several of these mini-workouts focus on a part of the body, similar to P90X (arms, chest, core) but there are some full body ones in there, like the five-minute Burpee Burner. You could use these as an add-on to your workout for the day, or as a 10 Minute Trainer-style workout (one time, or repeated).

It’s great that Tony is organizing his videos this way, into playlists, instead of a catch-all channel for workouts, infomercials, nutrition, etc. Here are some of the other playlists:

The Prove It section contains a challenge by Tony, usually to a specific person, followed by that person’s video response. For example: Tony demonstrates burpees on medicine balls and challenges P90X2 cast member Wayne Wyatt to do the same. (Maybe you want to give them a try too?)

The Fitness Programs section is a convenient collection of all the promotional videos for P90x, P90X2, and all the other Beachbody programs by Tony Horton (except Power 90?).

The other sections are not workout-related: Recipes (mostly involving Shakeology) and Tony Horton Live, a Q&A interview which is part infomercial, part fireside chat with Tony. The ones I’ve seen were hosted by Beachbody employee and P90X3 cast member Stephanie Saunders.

As you can see, there’s a lot more than just free workouts on this channel. I’m still very happy to have the Tony Horton One on One experience for free.

Do any of you Tony Horton fans have a comment? Type it below, or in the Facebook group.

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